Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Proposal for forming Baluch National Congress

Baluch National Congress


Baluch people as a nation are spread in many countries. They live in Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and many European and American countries. Their number is estimated to be between 30 to 40 millions. They have their own culture, history, distinct identity, language, values and traditions. Since they live in many countries, there is a great need for an international organization to bring them closer to each other.

Baluch National Congress is to serve as a centre to facilitate the unity and prosperity of Baloch nation.

Mission statement

We, the Baluch National Congress, are striving to generate adequate awareness about our nation and promote our identity nationally, regionally and internationally to establish our solidarity.

Our vision

We, the members of the BNC, are determined to support and help all Baluch people all over the world. We will work relentlessly to defend our people whatever they are and where ever they are. We will be the voice of every Baluch who wants to be heard.

Other objectives

1. We will design and build a great web site to reflect the aspirations of the Baluch people.

2. We invite every Baluch to join Baluch National Congress through our web site, e-mail and other available means.

3. We will organise regular conferences, meetings and lectures to generate awareness about our identity and culture.

4. We will encourage Baluch people to organise themselves in different locations in the world.

5. We will organise business, management and self-development seminars for the Baluch people

6. We will encourage Baluch people to set up businesses and go for high skilled professions.

7. We will organise cultural and social conferences and meetings to promote Baluch literature, culture and arts.

8. We will endeavour to help the Baluch people to bring their best in themselves in their personal and professional lives.

Our strategy

We will endeavour to realise all these objectives through self-help activities and fundraising.

The management of Baluchistan National Congress

The figure ahead of this organization will be Khan of Kalat, the head of state of Baluchistan, but the organization will be managed and led by Board of directors, a group of professional people who are elected directly by the members of the organization.


Everybody who has Baluchi roots and Baluchi blood can be a member of this organization.

Membership of Friends of Baluchistan

Every non-Baluch who is interested in the affairs of Baluchistan and wants to have a share in promoting the interests of the Baluch people can be a member of Friends of Baluchistan.

Board of directors

The board of directors will be responsible for managing and leading the Baluch National Congress according to the policies and proposals that are suggested an approved by the annual conference of the National Congress.

The Constitution of Baluch National Congress

The details of the constitution of Baluch National Congress will be published later after consultation with different people.

Consultation period

This document is a short guideline for discussion and consultation among the Baluch people and their friends. We seek your active participation in the process of consultation and discussion. Please send your views and proposals
Urgent invitation for designing and building the site of the Congress

Those professional Baluch people who are expert in designing and building web sites are invited to volunteer for designing the site.

The web site will have the following objectives:

1. It will be in Baluchi, English, Farsi, Urdu and Arabic.

2. It will be Baluchistan's information Centre.

3. All the books on Baluchistan would be uploaded in the site.

4. There will be a form in the web site that the members will apply for membership.

5. The site will have some pages on the news, history, language, culture, politics, sociology, and literature.

6. There will be also a discussion forum that the Baluch people and their friends will interact.

7. There will be a page for announcing different programmes of the Congress.

New proposals and suggestions

All Baluch people and their friends are invited to put forward their proposals and suggestions to prepare the ground for a great and effective site which can respond to the needs of the Baluch people.


If we can find experts for designing the site, we expect the site would be ready after three months. Discussions and consultations will continue in different organs and forums. The Baluch people need a new platform to assert themselves in international political scene. The Baluch National Congress will play a vital role in reviving and shaping our culture, our identity and our future. Let's work together, enhance our solidarity, create awareness, and promote our identity and build our desired future. Let's build a site and a congress that can reflect the aspirations of Baluch people.

This document has a lot of shortcomings and we hope your contribution can enrich and complete it.